Sample Projects


Markleeville Village

Boulder Bay Redevelopment

Cal Neva Improvements

Kings Beach Roadway Improvements

Fanny Bridge Cal Trans Simulation

Tahoe City Marina

North Tahoe Marina

Horizon Casino Improvement Study

Bijou Area Erosion Control Project

South Lake Tahoe Sierra Track

Meyers Signage Massing Study

Multiple Private Lakeside Residential

Sample Projects

Scenic Assessments

Zephyr Cover

Boat Works

Lakeside Inn

Private Residential Developments

Pier Modifications

Sample Projects


Heavenly Valley Master Plan Amendment

Clear Creek Restoration

Colman Fish Hatchery

Elk Creek Restoration

Heavenly Valley Epic Park

Lower Deer Creek Delineation

Lower Clear Creek Aquatic Habitat and Mercury Abatement Project

Upper Sacramento River Anadromous Salmonid Habitat Restoration Program

Mill Creek Fish Passage Restoration Project

Clover Creek Delineation Waters of the U.S.

Hammer Diversion on South Fork Cottonwood Creek Fish Passage Improvement Project EA/IS